Full stack software developer. Experience: Python, C++, Java, SpringBoot, selenium, Angular, C, HTML, CSS, PHP, JavaScript, MongoDB, SQL, Assembly and more.


Proud UNF Graduate

I recently graduated with a bachelors degree in Computer Science at the University of North Florida in December of 2019.


Photo and Video Editor

I have shot, edited, and published many professional grade videos for UNF, weddings, and friends, which you can find here.

About Me

Full Stack

I have been a full stack developer since December of 2019 and continue to learn new developement, deployment, and maintenance techniques through languages and tools such as Java, SpringBoot, and Angular.


The past 3 years of my life have been dedicated to pursuing my career as a computer scientist. Due to my dedication, love, and enjoyment for this field, I graduated a semester early (3.5 years total) in December of 2019.


Ever since I was in elementary school I found the world of photo and video editing fascinating. I have found that through my studies in these areas as a hobby, I have developed many transferable skills I can apply to computer science.

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